Many people ask, who or what is Aus Team Roping? Well it’s not WHO! BUT WHY WE ARE DOING THIS.

Aus Team Roping is a South Australian business, started by one guy with a vision and a passion to promote the way Australia
was built on horse back. His vision is to help upcoming riders, junior riders, less fortunate or people who just don’t have the
money week in week out to follow there passions in Team Roping, Breakaway Roping, Rope & Tie, Barrel Racing, Stockmans
Challenges, Campdrafting, Team Penning & Rodeo sports.

Also help promote events throughout Australia Eg; clinics, jackpots, rodeos and Training days.

Our vision is to create opportunities where we can educate,
help people build on their skills, passion and love of the
equine sport. We strive to make these opportunities
available to everyone with a dream to be at the top of their
game or to continue chasing there dreams. We are aiming
to build a community within the equine industry. We are
committed to putting 50% of all profits made back into
riders through mentoring programs, nominations at events,
clinic fees, transport or whatever is needed to help.

Our vision in keeping this sport alive. We are about giving
back to the industry by sponsoring various riders and events
throughout the year. It is the passion, commitment and hard
work along with our riders drive to succeed that makes this
industry thrive. We want to see riders come up through the
ranks to chase dreams, follow passions and take opportunities
so that this great Australian industry can continue and stand
the test of time.

We would also like to invite some American stars to Australia to ride along side. Teach mentor. As well as send some riders to the USA to meet there.

Aus Team Roping is a South Australian (Australia) business started by one guy with a vision and a passion promote the way Australia was built. On Horse Back.